The Carrollton Project

The Carrollton Project

s According to Carrollton Police Dept records obtained in June 2008, there have been 19 crimes in the city categorized as Hate Crimes in the last 6 years.

sThe city currently does not have a nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation. Neither the city managers or elected officials are bound by a nondiscrimination policy towards gay employees or citizens.

s In the last several municipal elections, "conservatives" have used homophobia as a wedge issue to isolate and alienate gay supporters of opposition candidates and to alienate voters from those candidates.

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The Carrollton Project is an educational outreach project jointly sponsored by

Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance


Collin County
Gay & Lesbian Alliance

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The Carrollton Project will provide educational outreach in Carrollton, host town hall meetings, work with other minority organizations to seek equal and appropriate representation, and hold nonpartisan voter registration drives.



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Washington, DC : WATCH THE VIDEO 25 min.

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From Bob McCranie:
In early 2005 I decided to get active in my community and to volunteer for local candidates who supported families like my own. Almost immediately I was singled out by the opponents of my candidates for being "the gay volunteer". The candidates I have supported are republicans and democrats, and often they get harassed for accepting my support. I work very hard for my candidates, often taking organizational roles in their campaigns and contributing financially to the cause.

My concerns are for my family, my children, my property and my city. Our families pay taxes like everyone else and we deserve the same protections and opportunities to serve. We should not be invisible and we should not be silent. Our voices should be heard along side everyone else's.

One of the first things I discovered was that there are other communities in the same situation. Carrollton is a very diverse city yet the city leadership does not reflect this diversity. We need citizens from the various communities to be active in our boards, commissions and municipal elections. We need to put our backs into the effort and make it work. But the city does need to encourage this process and I am focused on working with leaders who share this aim.

The Carrollton Project is a nonpartisan effort to expand the gay & lesbian community. One person can be dismissed or harassed out of participating. It becomes much harder to ignore ten or fifty or one hundred people working for the same goal. Our efforts will include educational outreach, forums, voter drives, and outreach to other communities who share our aims. We will not endorse candidates as an organization, however members are obviously free to volunteer for anyone they feel supports the community.

Our meetings are open to the public and we invite new supporters to attend.